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  • 01/Hard Forking of FBTC
  • FBTC is a hard fork of Bitcoin at block 501225 on December 27, 2017. Total supply is 21 Million. Bitcoin holders will receive the corresponding amount of FBTC at the ratio of 1 BTC : 1 FBTC.
  • 02/Transaction Efficiency
  • To solve inefficiency and redundancy of UTXO by deploying account model, hard forking solves all problem once for all. With DPOS consensus algorithm, FBTC could reduce energy consumption effectively. FBTC has a limited total supply.
  • 03/Scalability
  • The scalability of FBTC will be adjusted by miners from minimum 1M to maximum 10M. Miners will vote on every block. The difficulty will be adjusted accordingly with block size.
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